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OS 10.6 Security Update crashes applications

Upon applying the security update 2011-001 on Snow Leopard, applications such as Mail, Safari, Skype …crash upon opening. Software update does not work and it is not possible to run the Installer or terminal. Tried: Disk Utility Permissions repair – normal & OS DVD Disk. Safe Mode fsck -fy in Single User Mode.   Solution:   Reinstall of OS from MAC OS 10.6...

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Teamviewer cannot establish connection

Issue on a Mac where teamviewer cannot connect to client computers even though they are listed fine in the partner list. Solution Disable Peer Guardian.

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Apple Airport auto assigned ip solution

Many people seem to have been having the same problem with their Macbooks of one day being able to login fine to their wireless network, and then the next they can but DHCP will not give them an IP address instead they get an auto-assigned IP in Airport. No amount of rebooting, removing settings, switching off of firewalls, or entering of manual IP settings etc will fix it. Apple Airport auto...

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